Billy Jack Endorsement Letter

Client Feedback:

“Now that a year has passed since your firm undertook the public relations chores for our company, I want to congratulate you on the magnificent job you’ve done on our behalf.

We’ve had an incredible amount of space in the local and trade press, much of which we have been able to reproduce and use in our marketing efforts. It has helped to build our prestige, and more importantly, it is been a great value in building our business.

Yours is the first public relations agency this 84-year-old firm has ever retained. Our principals and I know we made the right choice. Keep up the good work.”
P. H., Marketing Manager
Smith-Emery Company

“Your work on the press release announcing the FLOW LAB product resulted in over one hundred qualified sales leads over the last two months. And, although the technical article has just appeared in the public, already engineers and production people are calling with requests for further information.

This illustrates what an effective P.R. campaign can do even with a minimal investment of time and money. Thank you for your continued interest and support in helping us increase Borg-Warner’s market awareness.”
J. R., Industrial Controls-Product Development
Borg-Warner Company

“Just a short note to thank you again for the publicity. The longer we work together, the happier I am with the fact that we hired you in the first place. As you know, I am lobbying my partners for an increase in the PR budget, because I think there are many good things to do together down the road.”
B. G., Managing Partner
Grayson, Givner, Booke & Silver

“Please be assured of my sincere appreciation for your outstanding work and your professional, effective dedication in promoting the best interests of Home Safeguard Industries, Inc. Rhonda has long been my “go to” gal when getting me exposure and interviews with key media people including TV.”
L. C., Inventor and President
Home Safeguard Industries, Inc.
Author and WWII Veteran and Documentary Film Subject

Praise for Profit and Prosper With Public Relations®: Insider Secrets to Make You a Success Book:

“Author and publicist Rhonda Rees has written a brilliant public relations manifesto that teaches anyone—from the novice to the PR veteran—the “ins and outs” of public relations. It is a much different landscape today for press and media placement, with the Internet now being at the forefront of it all. Publicists will learn not only the basics from Rees in her book, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations, but also some of the more sophisticated techniques for attracting the attention of the electronic and printed media outlets in the current marketplace. Things have changed a lot in the PR world, and Rees is in step with all these changes. Chapters on ethics and maintaining a reputation with media outlets are especially useful.”
—Hal Lifson, Publicist, Entertainment Journalist,
Media Consultant, and Author (Hal Lifson’s 1966!)