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Rhonda Rees’ Innovative And Award-Winning PR Campaigns Have Stood Out.

Memorable Grassroots PR Campaign for a WWII Veteran and Author:

One prime example of her PR work includes a publicWWII Documentary with Client Leon Cooper relations campaign to help a World War II veteran and author who was spearheading a clean-up effort to get rid of piles of garbage, including broken glass, plastics, food wrappers, diapers, and bones, which had been left on Red Beach in Tarawa, a sacred and hallowed site where over 3,400 American marines were killed or wounded.

Rhonda’s client made a return trip to Tarawa, meeting with local media and public officials. While there, he learned that marines remained on the island in unmarked graves. As a result of this grassroots PR campaign, more attention was brought to his concern. He received national and international coverage in the print, electronic and social media, and her client was able to get his cause mentioned in the Congressional Record. A well-known California senator also took notice.

In addition, a Hollywood producer has made three film documentaries of his story with acclaimed actors Ed Harris, and Kelsey Grammer doing the narration. Subsequently, Congress passed legislation to bring home the MIAs.

“PR Expert and Author Leads Fight Against Online Book Piracy”

Gold Winner of the 2015-2016 Bulldog ReporterPublicist of the Year Stars of PR Award 2015 Publicist of the Year – Stars of PR:

Online book piracy is an issue that is causing problems for many authors around the world, as it is very widespread.

According to the Association of American Publishers, the publishing industry as a whole has lost $80 to $100 million dollars to online piracy annually. From 2009 to 2013, the number of e-book Internet piracy alerts that the Authors Guild of America has received from their membership had increased by over 300%. During 2014, that number doubled.

Unfortunately, this is also a topic that many people still have little knowledge about. Rhonda’s PR campaign has helped to shed light on this very important and timely subject.

“No on Proposition 1 – The 911 Emergency Telephone Service”

Second Place One Time Project – Under $10,000No on Proposition 1 PR Campaign Budget Pro Award Publicity Club of Los Angeles:

On April 9, 1991, Los Angeles voters defeated Proposition 1, a $235-million bond measure to improve the 911 emergency telephone service.

Prior to the election, the measure was favored to win.  Our public relations effort alerted voters to an unfair tax connected with the initiative, and changed voter opinion.

Public Service Campaign: “Miracle at Northridge Meadows”

Honorable Mention Pro Award: Public Communicators of Los Angeles:

The Northridge earthquake killed 16 residents at the Northridge Meadows Apartments. Miracle at Northridge MeadowsThe media was unaware of one first-floor survivor who lived to tell of the tragedy, as everyone else from her section of the building died. This public service campaign helped spread a positive message of hope to a badly shaken public.

”Sex and the Synagogue”

First Place Pro Award for Writing: Publicity Club of LosJewish Journal Article Angeles:

On June 28, 2000 a controversial event was scheduled to take place at a worldwide and well-known respected place of worship. The subject matter was sexually explicit, and was not deemed appropriate for the venue in which it was to be held.

This public relations written campaign garnered an Op-Ed piece in a very prominent religious publication, which resulted in a request for a future article exposé and cover story on this highly-charged topic.